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Reimagining Banking and Wealth Management in the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Crypto Era

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Agile fintech businesses have changed the financial services landscape going into the second-decade now. Ethereum and Bitcoin and other digital assets have changed our views on eCommerce, the commodities market, inflation hedging, and the entire financial services infrastructure and backbone.

Stable coins, CBDC, and cryptocurrencies are now part of any conversation involving financial services and it is hardly an exaggeration to say we are at the cusp of large-scale change. Can we visualize how economic transactions might look like even five years from now? Are we in fact prepared?

The question we want to discuss in today’s FINTECHTALK™ show is whether the banking, wealth maangement and capital management system is keeping up with the flood of technology changes that promise to shake things up.

Join us today, March 24th, at 1 pm PST, you can make sense of the technologies and trends that will redefine banking and wealth management as we know it! If you’re someone who wants to keep on top of whatever’s happening, then you need to listen in to the FINTECHTALK™ show on Clubhouse.  

We have an all-star line-up of speakers: Do check out their recent writings included in this email.

Lex Sokolin
Global Fintech Co-Head, ConsenSys & LinkedIn Top Voice

Amy Oldenburg
COO at Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Shayne Mullen
VP, Business Development & Partnerships at BlockFi

Diana Biggs
Chief Executive Officer at Valour

Alexander S. Blum
Digital Asset Hedge Fund Manager, Two Prime

Sean Bill
Fintech Angel Investor | Chief Investment Officer at VTA

Amar Singh Rathor
Investment Banker (Tech) at Scotiabank

Moderated by Paddy Ramanathan, and Nancy Tengler (frequent contributor to CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg TV) the session will explore these additional topics:

  • Modernization of financial services  - what is next, where is the opportunity?

  • Fintech acquiring Bank charters - is this the start of the great rebundling?

  • Role of digital assets in wealth management and financial planning

  • SPACTalk - what does it mean for Fintech. Added liquidity good for fintech companies, may be bad for some investors. Is SPAC going to be a new Series for all fintech unicorns?

Come on over! Mark your calendar for an event you can’t afford to miss!

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