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The watershed moment in Fin Svcs Infr, DeFI with faster clearing and settlement, network custody, digital identity, privacy. Opportunities for incumbents, startups, and the Imperative for regulators

From Paddy’s desk:

The fintech innovations coming from startups, incumbents, and big-tech in the past decade, have clearly changed how consumers and businesses manage their finances in a remarkable way. However, most of these first-generation fintech innovations have been on optimizing customer journey including segment-specific propositions, digital and outside-in capabilities, and reduction of the overall cost to serve. Aside from some exceptions, there have been few innovations or changes in the foundational infrastructure in financial services - the custody of currency and securities, the pipes for payments, the role of central banks/feds in clearing and settlement. That is changing now, driven by a multitude of factors - technological developments like distributed ledgers and the role it can play in the custody of currencies and new pipes for payments; incidents like the Robinhood/GameStop/Reddit in January, rekindling discussion on why t+2 settlement times for equity trading and also equitable access for big and small players, and increasing need for privacy and consent.

iValley and FINTECHTALK™ are making this a focus area in 2021 starting today with a transcript of Q&A with Nick Thomas, Co-Founder Finicity (a Mastercard company), Financial Data Exchange, and Trust Over IP Foundation included in this edition of eFINTECHTALK followed by a live Clubhouse session in the evening at 6 pm PST with Nick and other industry greats: Ron Shevlin (author of the Fintech Snark Tank on Forbes), Amar Singh Rathor (Director of Technology Investment Banking at Scotiabank), Sean Bill (one of the most prolific fintech angels and Chief Investment Officer), Manash Bhattacharjee (Head of Product at Pepsico), Steven Ramirez (Fintech futurist and CEO of BeyondtheArc), and Walt Cox (Payment strategy at Please check out their recent articles and their company websites some of which are included below.

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Fintech Infrastructure Series: Clubhouse Session

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