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Thanks for sharing this well narrated piece. Will sit well with your US readers.

However, viewing it from the other side of the planet, I can’t but wonder what is the true value that American foreign policy has portrayed/enacted.

The interest rate, the $ privilege and a FX swap system has never been ‘free’.

Those without large capital outlays ( read those left behind after decolonization) ie the global south have had $ related economic perils whenever the Fed/POTUS has acted in pure American self interest, time and again.

FinTech and AI development has provided the opportunity for those who cannot print money to level the exorbitant playing field advantage enjoyed by the G7 ‘money cartel’.

For the 6.3 billion living outside the G7 domain with an imminent need to arrest potential climate change catastrophes amongst other ongoing development challenges, the wait for G7 dole outs has been unrewarding. Just one example, today IMF aid etc find their way to Ukraine while committed funds to adaptation ( least that rich polluters can provide) are hanging fire. Yes, I agree politics & economics are intertwined.

So the only way the best interests of a large number of planet dwellers can be served is not by those who wield hegemonic control over $$.

I am not condoning Putin’s war nor belittling the (exaggerated) China factor. The free press is pleasing their readership and echo chambers drown what real deliberation can present.

The old men warming the bicarmel chambers with their sights firmly on the next election run by $$ are not expressing values that you mention. The recent TikTok drama also illustrates how non-G7 technology is valued!

Enough said. This new war of narratives is different in the sense that wisdom is not a monopoly. It must not be allowed to travel unidirectionally!

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