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Podcast: Modernization of Financial Services With Provenance Blockchain

Podcast: Modernization of Financial Services With Provenance Blockchain

Conversation with Morgan McKenney, CEO of Provenance Blockchain Foundation


I sat down with Morgan McKenney, the CEO of Provenance Blockchain Foundation to talk about all things Blockchain, the future of DeFI, and how Provenance and Figure are driving innovation in all domains of financial services - Lending, Payments, Capital Markets. We covered a lot of ground and in order to make it easy to navigate the podcast here is a table of timestamps.

0.10-0.55 - Introduction

1.00-4.45 - Morgan’s background across the years

4.45-5.45 - What made Morgan join Provenance as CEO and promise of DeFI

6.00-9.00 - Blockchain is disintermediating financial services and changing the Factory

9.00-15.30 - The innovation process and platform in financial services

15.40-24.15 - What is Proof of Stake, Stable coins, Hash, Digital Money, programmatic money?

24.30-30.40 - Mission and Vision of the Provenance Blockchain Foundation- Transforming financial services with digital assets

30.40-32.00 - Provenance Blockchain, Figure the fintech and Mike Cagney’s Modernization of the Financial Services Infrastructure with Blockchain Vision

32.00-35.00 - The ecosystem: MERS, Figure Loans, Hash

35.00-38.50 - USDF and how can banks benefit from being part of the USDF Consortium

38.50-40.20 - Collaboration between banks in USDF; new avenues of NFT/Gaming

40.20-45.00 - Access of Provenance to startups and developer community

45.00-45.30 - Inclusive innovation and opportunities for underrepresented founders

45.40-47.10 - Website and Discord to stay tuned to announcements

46.10-52.00 - Inter-operability, regulatory and policy considerations

52.00-54.00 - Web 3.0 and the Digital Economy and the rail the enables transfer of value

54.00-59.30 - Crystal balling: Digital Assets, NFTs, Metaverse

59.45- 1.01.10 -Closing thoughts: How to get in touch with Morgan (LinkedIn) and Provenance. Employment opportunities and co-creation opportunities for startups

Included in this edition is our editorial infographic.

Enjoy and always Be in the Know!

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