Oct 7, 2022 • 1HR 1M

Podcast: The making of the autonomous Bank and frictionless cross-border payments

3 fintech CEOs break it all down

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It has been a while. I had some personal situations over summer and beyond for an extended time. Just getting back into rhythm.

I sat down a few weeks back with Devon Kinkead (CEO of Micronotes), Patrick Reilly (CEO of Verde International), Naushad Contractor (CEO of Fable Fintech) to talk all things about data, AI/ML in financial services and the still evolving space of cross-border payments.

AI is not going to just drive our cars, but manage our finances and will augment the enterprise’s decision making and processes. We are in early stages of the Autonomous enterprise which will eventually lead to hyper-personalized consumer interactions and AI based decision support across the enterprise. Startups like Micronotes and Verde are not only solving problems in areas like sales and marketing and credit underwriting but also developing the foundation for the autonomous enterprise. On the other hand, Fable Fintech is enabling financial institutions to adopt payment innovations like using new blockchain rails seamlessly and transparently for more efficient cross-border payments.

Stay tuned for more podcasts on the autonomous Bank and emerging payments.

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The Roadmap to the Autonomous Financial Institution

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